Three Castle Head, County Cork

 I went on a day trip to Three Castle Head recently with a few buddies, we often do the road tripping together so I trying to think of somewhere we could go where we hadn’t been before.

Enter the movie ‘The Young Offenders’. Now I’m late to the party as usual and only watched this movie this year even though it’s been released for a while and I’ve heard all the ravings about it for a while longer.

Inspired by Ireland’s biggest cocaine seizure of €440 million off the coast of Cork in 2007, the film tracks two 16-year-olds quest for a quick buck, and it is friggin hilarious! I really encourage anyone to watch it.

Here’s a trailer


Not that we were after any cocaine but there’s a particular scene from the movie, I won’t reveal any details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, that is filmed in Three Castle Head. And since all of us are from Cork and by law are required to love Cork (just kidding- this is just a Cork joke) we decided to head on down.


Three Castle Head 2017-51

It takes about 2 – 2.5 hours to drive there from Cork city, it’s generally national roads and they can be really windy by the time you get the peninsula. But it’s totally worth it!

Three Castle Head 2017-34

Three Castle Head 2017-38

Three Castle Head 2017-47

Of course, our very own ‘young offenders’ decided they wanted a swim- you’re not allowed swim there as it’s a nature reserve but did that fact stop the bais? Not at all.

Three Castle Head 2017-42

They soon regretted it though as there’s a layer of thick mud in the lake so as soon as they were in the water they were out of it again!

That’s all for now folks! x

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