Dingle, County Kerry

For anyone who is unfamiliar, Dingle or in Irish for all you Gaeilgeoirí ‘Daingean Uí Chúis’ is a town in the Gaeltacht in County Kerry, Ireland. I don’t remember where I got the idea to go to Dingle, but as there was long weekend coming up I felt like a getaway (hint hint there’s another one again soon for us Irish peeps) I wasn’t immediately drawn, I know people say lots of good things about Dingle but I was looking for something to seal the deal so to speak as it’s a bit of a trek to drive to from Cork, to be honest.

 But Bella’s Airbnb convinced me completely.

I’ve included a few photos to give you a taster of what the place is like but if you want to find out more simply click the link below.


Dingle 2017-10

Dingle 2017-23

Dingle 2017-36

Bella and her family are AMAZING hosts- yes they deserve every capital letter of that amazing. She was very attentive before our arrival and stocked the fridge with all the breakfast food and bits and bobs you could need. She lit candles, had all her fairy lights and lamps on (a dream for those of your who hate overhead lighting) and she even lit the fire! She really blew me away at how thoughtful she was.

Once we were in Dingle though we had serious business to attend to- deep fried battered Bounty bars. Harringtons on the coast road is a chipper that will cater to this very specific need.



I would eat another 5 right now in one sitting (and that is actually a feat I’ll have you know, these delicacies are no joke) they are sooooo delicious!

Another obligatory experience of Dingle is seeing Fungi the dolphin, who is a wild bottlenose dolphin who has called Dingle his home for the past 20 or so years. Tours run everyday weather depending- this was one of those weather depending circumstances as it was super windy while we were in Dingle and I happen to get chronically seasick. So there was not a hope I was going on any boat to see him, so I took a picture with his statue instead! (Bounty bar and all in my hand)


The next day we headed out on the Slea head drive- there is so much to see on this and I would have stopped for everything but didn’t have the good sense to bring enough cash (it’s a necessity down these parts). Fairy forts, cattle on the road, petting lambs, beaches, view points, the Blasket Islands and beehives huts can be accessed along this drive. If I could go again I’d make a day of it and bring a picnic or some foodie bits with you and stop everywhere along the way. It’s a great way to spend a day.


Although you might end up giving your food away after being stared down by a seagull..

The only thing we could stop for was these beehive huts. As you can see they were really made for people of a shorter stature as Adam discovered when he walloped his head off the doorway.

Dingle 2017-59

Dingle 2017-67

Maybe I’m being a history nerd here but the way these huts were built I just think is so impressive for how long they’ve been there and how they’ve endured all types of weather over the years.

Dingle 2017-69

Some mighty views altogether.

When we came back from the drive we headed into Dingle town on foot to visit Ocean World (really so I could visit Ocean World, Adam was just appeasing me), to grab some food and have a few scoops as the say. Professional/aspiring/amateur photographers eat your heart out! It’s the most picturesque place.

Dingle 2017-95

Dingle 2017-99

Ocean World is a great place to visit for young and old- they care for a range of animals from all forms of aquatic life- otters, sharks, penguins and so on. It’s 14e for an adult, 10e for a student which some might view as expensive but I feel it was worth the money. You could easily spend up to 2 hours in there. They have interactive experiences with rays and they have regular feedings of the penguins/sharks etc that you are invited to watch. I would definitely make a stop here.

Now food wise I will say a word of warning to all vegetarians and vegans out there, Dingle is not a vegetarian/vegan-friendly town in my experience. Most restaurants only have fish or meat dishes, so be prepared to really traipse the town to locate something meat free or self-cater. Luckily if you do eat fish or meat the seafood is beautiful, and likewise, if you are going to self-cater the Supervalu in Dingle is unreal.

We happened to come the weekend Féile na Bealtaine was on- which is an arts festival to celebrate the start of summer. There was loads of theatre, spoken word and sessions on all over the town. We ended up doing a mini pub crawl for ourselves. If there’s one pub you have to go to in Dingle it’s the Courthouse pub or Tábhainne Thig na Cúinte in Irish. I’ve included a picture below so you know what to look for. While they haven’t the biggest range of drinks at the bar, this is the pub that I felt had the best trad session that we had seen that night.

Dingle 2017-104

Once we recovered the next day it was time to head back to the homeland but we stopped at Inch beach on the way. It was a day where the combination of the place and the weather that would make you think why would you ever want to live anywhere else.

Dingle 2017-112

Dingle 2017-129

I’m so glad I went to Dingle and I know I will be back, it’s up there as one of the most favourite places I’ve been to of late, and I know I’ll be back again soon. X.

Dingle 2017-134



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