What to do when you don’t know where to go!

So I realise this is possibly one of the most ‘first world’ problems ever. Although it is not an important problem in the grand scheme of life, that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

So that’s what I was to discuss in this post, as I’ve encountered said problem recently for the first time in my life. Now that’s not to say that I’ve no interest in travelling anywhere in the world, but time for a bit of ‘real talk’- the issue as such is that there’s no place I’ve come across, given my limitations i.e. a full-time job, set amount of holiday days, monetary cost, that I have had a lightbulb moment over and think ‘yes! I have to go there!’.

 It was strangely coincidental, but when I went back to work from after being in Budapest, everyone in work was incidentally heading away on their holidays. I don’t know about you but when I hear about other people’s holidays I get holiday lust. So I started to think …


The reason I was having more trouble than usual trying to find somewhere is because of certain factors I wanted to take into account:

1. The time I would need off work

This is important because at the moment I’d rather not spend the majority of my holiday days from work on 1 holiday. Knowing the games my brain would play on itself, I would create all these expectations of how great the holiday was going to be because it would hypothetically be the only holiday I’ll have this year. And having expectations usually leads to disappointment, which is the last thing I want when I’m meant to be enjoying myself.

2. The cost of the holiday

This is a given for most people as well as for myself. I’m saving and budgeting for several different things I’m hoping to do in the next couple of years so if the cost of going somewhere was high, sacrifices would have to be made in other areas of my life and vice versa.

3. Who would I go with

Maybe this isn’t a factor many people would consider, as solo travel is very popular now days, and trust me I am definitely someone who likes ‘me time’. But I also really like to go places with people, there is always 100% more craic when you go somewhere with someone I feel so this is why I would include this reason in my travel plans.

This format is what I would recommend you start with, what are factors that you need to take into account for your travels, which can give you an idea on where in the world to start looking.

e.g. if you are willing to spend 2 weeks away then you can travel further afield- in my situation for me this would mean travelling outside of Europe. If I am travelling far away the flights are probably going to be expensive so I want to choose somewhere with a relatively low daily cost e.g. Cuba

When you break down the practicalities of travel into logical little segments it becomes easier to find where you want to travel to.

Next, I would find blog posts that relate to the area you want to travel, and cross reference these with sources like Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet. Blogs are a great resource as they are information from people who a lot of the time, don’t have an ulterior motive in recommending a hotel etc. as more often they are not being paid by said hotel. Obviously. this doesn’t apply to everyone and that’s a caveat you need to keep in mind. It is good to note what kind of person is running the blog because if you are someone looking for a luxury holiday, reading the blog of a backpacker might not cater to your needs and the information you are looking for.

What I personally really love about blogs is that a lot of bloggers include sample itineraries for the area they are writing about which can be helpful in reducing the amount of planning and researching you might want to do.

e.g. I was playing around with the idea of driving the Balkans, I had a google of blog posts related to this and found all the resources below






It goes to show that blogs are a vast source of information, some of it bad, some of it good- but you actually have to start searching and reading to find out which!

Good Luck with your holiday planning! x


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