Amalfi: Hordes of Tourists ahoy!

I really enjoyed our time in Amalfi because we stayed what I thought was the perfect length of time- only 2 nights. I found with a lot of the towns we stayed in that 2 or 3 nights were more than enough to time to get to do some cultural activities as well as relax. This is the last post from my trip to Italy.

What we got up to:

Amalfi thankfully is very close to Maiori, so there wasn’t too much stress lugging suitcases from one to the other.

After we checked in we decided to check out the town. Amalfi consists of one main street with many side streets breaking off it like little tributaries of a river. The town has great shopping for how remote it is from Naples. However, I didn’t expect the gangs of tourists from buses that rocked up from about 11 in the morning.

The biggest attraction in Amalfi is the cathedral located in the main square.



We did a bit of shopping and in the evening went to see ‘Amalfi-The Musical’. Normally you would pay to see the show in Amalfi but on this occasion, it was being performed on the square in Atrani for free.


There are loads of restaurants on the square in Atrani with outdoor seating, so we picked what we thought was the best spot and was able to have dinner while watching the show. It was really great! It was in Italian so we didn’t understand a word but you could get the story anyway.

The next day we went to the printing museum. Amalfi is known for producing really great quality paper, the Vatican uses paper produced in Amalfi for their documents. A tour of the printing museum costs less than 10e for 2 so I would really recommend going. The guide is very knowledgeable and it’s a very interactive tour- you get to try the old way they used to make paper. The video below shows Adam having a go.

We were going to try to go for a hike after and we headed up the valley but I started being bitten by horseflies through my clothes, at which case I thought ‘f**k this!’ so we went straight back the way we came and straight to the beach.


Where we stayed:

We stayed in Hotel Fontana on the main square in Amalfi. The hotel staff were really nice and our room was a really decent size and had all the facilities that you would need.

This is something really nitpicky but the furniture in the room and paint etc reminded me of different bits of furniture picked up over the years where none of it matched each other and the paint was like someone didn’t want to waste leftover paint so just used it on the walls.

Another negative thing I would say about this place is Wifi is not free, and even when you do pay for it, it is only available in the reception/dining area. The last thing is that there is no lift going up to the reception area which means again lugging suitcases up lots of steps.

Where we ate:

-Mistral (in Atrani) – homemade pasta, very accommodating and kind staff, reasonable prices and free limoncello shots. Couldn’t recommend this place more.

-Ristorante Il Tari in Amalfi was nice, popular place to eat. Staff were nice, prices reasonable. It doesn’t stand out in my memory as amazing but it was a nice place for food.


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