Maiori: Family Beach Town

I realised as I was putting this post together that I don’t actually have any photos of Maiori town except for the one above. It’s hilarious because of all the towns on the Amalfi coast, I enjoyed my time in Maiori the most, it was hilariously disastrous as well as completely relaxing.

What we got up to:

We were only here for 2 days. In hindsight, I wish we’d had more time here. We spent our first day on the beach just chilling out- it was 15e for 2 beds and umbrella for the whole day which might sound like a lot but I thought was worth it for the showers and changing rooms you had access to.

The next day we decided to hike to Ravello. It’s 4 km away from Maiori and you walk through Minori to reach it. I would really not recommend this to anyone unless you are an experienced walker/hiker. FYI we are not experienced walkers or hikers so of course, it was a disaster.

We left Maiori and walked towards Minori where I wanted to stop to try Sal di Riso’s pastries. He’s a very well-known pastry chef.


Minori town (this photo is filtered AF, but Minori is genuinely very pretty anyway)

Sal di Riso’s had an incredible choice of cakes and pastries, and they were extremely tasty. However the lines between us and the staff there got mixed up, and while we knew it was down to cultural differences it left us with a disappointing experience overall.

Italy is a service country, which means you order, pay and go sit to be waited on. In Ireland a lot of places are self-service, so we went to order and waited for the cake so we could bring it to our table. However, we were subsequently charged the service charge for sitting down at a table even though we had served ourselves. It was 90c per cake (we had 3 because I love cake) and 1 euro for the bottle of water we bought. It did leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth at the end of the visit.

After we left we carried on through Minori and began the climb to Ravello.


The reason this hike isn’t good for people who aren’t relatively fit is because you have to climb 2000 steps up and down again. We had to stop multiple times to rest or just drink water. I literally couldn’t walk at the end of the day I was so sore and my legs were crocked, it was hilarious looking back.

Ravello itself is very pretty, we went to the gardens at Villa Cimbrone. IMG_0776.JPGIMG_0734.JPGIMG_0736.JPGIMG_0743.JPG

A lot of the statues in the garden really expressed how we felt after hiking to Ravello (as demonstrated by Adam here)


The fear about having to walk back to Maiori

(I saw a dog on our way back so of course I had to go rub it.)


Ravello is very beautiful and is a hotbed for weddings, there was one on while we in the town and I’m guessing it was one of many at that time of year.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in the most amazing B&B called Casa Raffaele Conforti, it’s located just off the main street in Maiori. One bad thing about the place is a number of stairs up. We had 2 suitcases and it was not easy to carry them (in fact I didn’t carry them, Adam did but he kind of struggled with it)

The place is beautiful and seriously old school.


The beauty of this place is in the details. We stayed in the ‘Turkish Room’ where there were these beautiful paintings on the door panels.


Not really sure why there’s a picture of a pope in the room, there’s a certain charm about it I guess?….

Where we ate:

-Il Ristorante Dedalo: located on the main street. Really great food and service, restaurants in Maiori were a lot cheaper in general so this place was a win.

-Eldorado: It was a nice place, and the staff were accommodating but there wasn’t much of an atmosphere there for being situated on the beachside.


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