4 Days in London- Day 3 and 4

After Day 2 we were like Lego (we were in bits- geddit? haha)

We tried to heal our souls with breakfast in Giraffe and had the notion to head out to Wimbledon.


One of the signs we came across in Wimbledon town.

Wimbledon is a really nice town, we decided to walk to the Tennis Club from Wimbledon train station which took about half an hour. There is a shuttle bus available from the tennis club to the station but it was very busy.

We hadn’t bought tickets so we decided to join the queue but when we reached the end after 15 mins walking we decided that we were ‘not able’ for a queue that was over a kilometre long. So we kept walking to Southfield Station and decided to head to Flesh and Buns on 41 Earlham Street.


We didn’t have a booking but they gave us the option of heading up to their bar and waiting until a table became available. I would really recommend booking this place as it’s seriously busy all the time. In the end we decided that we would head elsewhere as we were finally getting over the hangover and needed sustenance.

We went to Five Guys, which I am now obsessed with. It was amazing and I’m dying for the day they come to Dublin. I will genuinely travel the 2 and a 1/2 hours from Cork to Dublin just to eat in this place again.

On Day 4 it was time for me to leave. I was getting an evening flight and I really wanted to visit the Natural History Museum before I flew home. I’ve been before as a child, and I’d had the iconic image of the Diplodocus skeleton in my head since. I wanted to be a paleontologist as a child and watch the old BBC Walking with Dinosaurs on VHS usually once a year still (don’t judge me).


When the squad turnt.

This will probably sound really stupid, but I had no idea that mammals are called mammals because they have mammary glands! You learn something new everyday!

There was a lot of nature-specific art inside the museum.


This particular piece really caught my attention.

I really wish I could tell you more about the Natural History Museum, but I can’t. It’s indescribable, but a must-see. It’s free to the public so you have no excuse!


  1. My number one tip is to get an Oyster card. Even for the 4 days I was there it’s worth it. You pay £5 for the card at the beginning and then can top it up as much as you need with either cash or card at any rail station. It’s also used for the bus system and I personally think it’s great. Very easy to use and efficient. You can also cancel the card at the end of your holiday and get your £5 back.
  2. Utilise the city maps, if you are trying to save on data then the maps all over the city will be really helpful. I thought that you would stand out as a tourist if you used them but people who live in London use them just as much so don’t worry about it! Remember London is a huge city!
  3. It’s great to go to all the tourist attractions, but don’t forget to just try somewhere because it looks nice. You never know, you might be onto a winner and a new favourite place!


I won’t be posting anything for the next couple of weeks as I’m heading to Italy on the 20th of August! I’ll be back with more posts soon after I arrive back in Ireland!

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