4 Days in London- Day 2

Day 2 dawned and you know what they say? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

We headed to Camden on the bus and went to the Cereal Killer Cafe! This place gave me serious nostalgia and excitement.


They have a HUGE selection of cereals which you can combine to your hearts content.


Above is their ‘Create Your Own’ menu and below is their cereal cocktail menu


I went with a medium bowl of The Lion King and Caoimhe got a medium bowl of Did I Tell You I Was Vegan. The girl behind the till asked Caoimhe if she was actually vegan (she isn’t) and the girl said no one who ever get’s that option ever is! They just know how to make a mean vegan cereal combo that appeals to the non-vegan community I guess!

Walking into the back of the cafe was literally like time travelling back to my childhood (in the 90’s) The back of the cafe has beds that you can sit on (complete with Snap, Crackle and Pop bed sheets) and an array of art such as Weetabix merchandise, Trollz dolls, He-man.


They had Johnny Bravo, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and He-Man on TV- I would have set up shop and stayed there all day.


We figured this is the ‘limited edition’ cereal wall. That you could buy all of these at one point or another but they are no longer being made. I saw a box of Winnie the Pooh cereal that I used to have when I was young, which I had totally forgotten about, but seeing it made me want it SO much again.



(look at the face on me, what am I doing?)

There were some other groups of people in there that Caoimhe and I figured were younger than us because they weren’t getting half as excited as we were about all the 90’s things. Man we felt old haha.

After we left the cafe (have I talked enough about the cafe yet?) we were walking through Camden market when we past a place blaring rave music. Caoimhe said I should see the store and that’s how we ended up in Cyber Dog.


They have space invaders on their escalator! If that doesn’t make you want to become a raver, all the gear will- it’s seriously cool.

We left Cyber Dog and Caoimhe showed me around the food joints in Camden market. There is such an amazing variety that I wish I lived there so I could try every stall. If you’re a foodie (eating food is my life but I don’t know do I possess such a refined taste that I could I call myself a foodie) then Camden market is the place for you.

We left the market and walked down Regent’s Canal Towpath from Camden to King’s Cross. I really wanted to get a photo with the trolley at Platform 9 and 3/4. Unfortunately the queue was so long that day that we didn’t really have the time so I decided to get a beautiful poster from the shop that has the entire Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book written on it. I’m in love!

If you want to visit the Trolley here’s some handy info  https://www.harrypotterplatform934.com/pages/visit-the-trolley

That night we went to Part II of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -if you want to know more but with no spoilers have a sconce here  https://dontknowuntilyougo.com/2016/07/03/harry-potter-and-the-cursed-child-in-london 

We were not so responsible adults after the play and ‘went for 1’ in Adventure Bar. It’s a great place actually, their 3 for 2 cocktails have a really good variety and the staff are absolutely sound. We even had a brush with fame, we met Dominic Sherwood from the series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. Caoimhe loves the show so she had to get a picture with him.


Don’t they look well together?

I only realised afterwards that he was also in Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘Style’

Just a reminder for anyone who needs it haha

After Adventure Bar we went to Roadhouse in Covent Garden which was unreal craic. The night ended with a sprained ankle, a stupid amount of money spent, a bit of the fear the next day, but it was a night out for the books.

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