So I had a notion, right…

Hey guys, my name is Sally and I’m from Ireland. More specifically Cork.

There’s a running joke in Ireland that people who are from Cork absolutely love Cork, as demonstrated by the below graphic.


I love being from Cork, and I am proud to be Irish. But I haven’t travelled in Ireland a whole lot. If you would have asked me to recommend places in Ireland to you, I really couldn’t say much about what you could do or where were good places to go.

The main reason for this I guess is because I was lucky enough to have parents who were happy to bring me places with them. The majority of family holidays have been to places in Europe.

When I was 21 I moved to Germany for a year as part of my degree.  


(Milka = ❤ )

It was during this time living abroad that I realised how little I had travelled in my own country. When I returned from Germany I decided it was time to find out more about Ireland. So over the past year or so I’ve slowly made my way to some places I haven’t been before. 

So that’s my brief and not particularly interesting life story so far. However it doesn’t explain why I decided to start this blog.

Recently I was planning a holiday to Italy. My boyfriend Adam is turning 25 this year, which I think is a big birthday, and I wanted to get him a really great present. “What could be better than a holiday!?” I thought. Now this was not a totally selfless gift, I wanted to go on a holiday so I decided to make my boyfriend’s present… a holiday (lol)

PicMonkey Collage 3.jpg

(Even after almost 6 years together we still can’t take a good picture)

I wanted to make the most of our time away, so I began researching all the things to do where we will be staying in Italy. One thing lead to another and I ended up writing a 10 day itinerary that even allowed for ‘free time’ (I need to get a life haha) But what I noticed while researching was all the photos and detailed reviews of different places and attractions. 

I felt so appreciative that people had taken time to review places and pass along their experiences to others. I decided I wanted to be able to give back too. So I had a notion, why don’t I start a blog. It would keep me good- I would have to keep my commitment to travelling Ireland and further afield if I was to keep a blog on it.

So here we are. My plan at the moment is to keep travelling in Ireland as much as possible. I will be going abroad this year so I’ll be posting on that too.

I hope this blog helps anyone inside or outside of Ireland who feels like getting a few notions and heading off somewhere. Let me know about your own experiences! And if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me.

If you’re having doubts about going somewhere, like I so often do, just remember you don’t know until you go 🙂

**Shoutout to Paul for this blog’s name, it was him that said the magic words**

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